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Introducing: Environ's Newest Innovations!

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Focus Care Comfort+ Anti-Pollution Spritz and Masque

Life in 2020 has changed, but the world hasn't stopped. Living the new normal is pressurized and anxiety-producing. People are time deprived, constantly connected to digital devices, exposed to high levels of stress and urban pollution from both outside and indoors. Skin is exposed to far greater assaults from urban living, and even suburban life, in addition to the reality that the harmful effects of numerous pollutants and toxic elements in the environment are on the rise.

Vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke, particulate matter, heavy metals, chemicals, and other pollutants in combination with UV damage from the sun, blue light from devices and infrared irradiation, are proven to have damaging effects on the skin. On contact, pollutants create oxidative stress, which results in a destructive chain of free radicals, leading to increased signs of skin sensitivity, premature skin aging, skin discoloration, dryness, dullness and roughness.

The increasing, diverse assault of pollution on the skin has led to the innovation of Environ's intelligent anti-pollution formulations. 

Born from extensive scientific research and the constant pursuit of developing best- in-class skincare, Environ introduces two new ANTI-POLLUTION innovations, formulated with high performing ingredient combinations that offer the ultimate benefits of defense against the harmful effects of pollution. Environ's innovative anti-pollution formulations offer a complete approach focusing on the benefits of prevention and repair to assist in the skin's natural beneficial ability to protect itself.

It's Time To Experience Environ's Beautiful Science

Two scientifically advanced ANTI-POLLUTION innovations have arrived!

Environ's new Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz is an intelligent formulation designed to provide the skin barrier with the benefits of an extra line of defense against the harmful effects of pollution.  In addition to a synergistic formulation of vitamins and botanicals,  it contains POLLUSTOP®, an ingredient that assists to form the effects of a physical skin barrier to help protect against 3 types of pollution: atmospheric, UV and urban pollution. It helps to reduce the effects of oxidative stress and of rebalancing the microbiome. It leaves the skin appearing calmer, less inflamed and healthy-looking.

In addition, the new Purifying Anti-Pollution Masque, scientifically formulated with Japanese charcoal, kaolin and special botanicals, assists in purifying the look of pores by absorbing pollutant impurities, while soothing, moisturizing and protecting the appearance of a compromised barrier function, which has resulted from the effects of harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS). The skin will feel revitalized and smooth.

Experience City Comfort! Be Calm. Be Resilient. Be Beautiful.

Long term exposure to rapidly increasing levels of external and internal pollution is unavoidable. However, Environ's powerful approach builds on the brand's pioneering philosophy of daily use of vitamin A and sunscreen protection combined with targeted solutions to future-proof skin.

NEW Environ Anti-Pollution Spritz and Masque


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