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Waxing Breakdown: Cold vs. Hot Waxing

While both waxes are about as equally painful, there are different benefits to both.

How to Protect Your Skin from Winter UV Rays

The Skin Cancer Foundation suggests that no matter where you are and what season you're in, your skin needs to be protected against both UVA and UVB.

Acqualina Spa Adds Target Recovery Treatment

The treatment works specific muscles groups of the upper back, lower back or legs to bring relief to deep seated tensions.

New York Spa Introduces Touchless Facial

A New York spa has created a service where clients are able to indulge in some me-time without feeling nervous about their health.

Collagenwave Treatment Grows in the UK

Collagenwave is publicized as an alternative to Botox and fillers.

Myrror Launches Treatment Tracker App

The app stores before and after photos of hairstylings and can record each phase of a treatment from pre- to post-recovery.

6 Best Holiday Spa Treatments in Hong Kong

The spas on this list range from offering radiance facials to full body scrubs and everything in between.

How to Combat Winter Dry Hands

With frequent hand washing and drying hand sanitizers, hands are more likely to dry out this winter.

Protocols in Practice: Mature Skin

We have gathered six brands that shared their mature skin treatment protocols for us to feature in our digital magazine.

Manifesting Manis and Pedis

We are all familiar with crystals. They are being utilized just about everywhere, from bracelets to our water. What if we incorporated crystals into our nail services?

Reflections: On Hand

If you haven’t given much thought to the way you care for hands in your treatments—and frankly the way you care for your own hands—now is a really good time.

Mature Skin on the Menu

Estheticians have the opportunity to intervene and educate our clients on ways they can maintain their youthful appearance, as their skin matures.

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