Sugaring 101: Sugar Wax vs. Sugar Paste


Image 1Everyone is talking about sugaring, but what is it? More importantly, what isn’t it?

Sugaring is very different from wax and is taking the hair removal industry by storm. Everyone wants to jump on the sugar train, but is everyone using the right product? Is it sugar paste or sugar wax, and how do you tell the difference?

What is Sugar Wax?

Sugar wax is a confusing name in our industry, as some are made with three simple ingredients, but many are just waxes with trendy buzzwords. If your sugar wax has three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon, and water, use it without heating it. Actual sugar wax must be heated, applied to the skin like soft wax, and removed with wax strips; this is not a sugaring method. Applying hot, viscous products such as sugar wax to the skin can cause many issues such as: micro-tears, burns, irritation, hyperpigmentation, bruising, ripping, ingrown hair, scarring, skin lifting and more. It also gives traditional sugaring a bad name!

Many businesses haven’t been adequately educated on the differences between sugar paste and “honey” or “sugar” wax. Today, estheticians unknowingly use “sugar wax” and market it as a sugaring service, which it is not! This is why education is detrimental to your success.

The differences between sugaring and waxing are the direction in which the hair is pulled, temperature, ingredients and its effects on the skin. If you cannot pick your sugar up with your fingers, you probably use a sugar wax, not a sugar paste, and should market it as such.

Image 2Simply Sugar Paste is 100% natural and has three simple ingredients: water, citric acid and sugar. Our paste will never contain chemicals or resins like hot wax or sugar wax does. It should not be hot to the touch, but pliable and warmed. Sugaring is gaining popularity because of its efficacy in removing hair and the benefits the skin receives. We makeImage 3 our Sugar pastes to be custom blended, allowing you to have complete control, and making it effortless every time you sugar. With our sugar paste, you will always have control of the consistency of your paste, and Simply Sugar can help with every step. We have a full line of sugar paste, back bar and retail products offered to licensed professionals.

Some Sweet Sugaring Education

Picture4Simply Sugar Paste offers hands-on intensive classes in Winter Park, FL. We focus on proper form, ensuring longevity in your career. If you’re dropping in for a refresher, we will help perfect your sugaring techniques. You’ll better understand sugaring by also receiving sugaring services in our classes. Simply Sugar Paste teaches marketing strategies, price points and how to approach consent forms. We cover everything from top to bottom!

Did you know that sugar paste is climate-dependent? We review each type of paste and how to choose which one to work with. Simply Sugar Paste will teach you everything you need to know to begin your sugaring journey!

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