Up Your Brow Game With Browvado


In recent years, brows have quickly become the focal point in the beauty industry. Everyone wants brows with the right shape, arch and volume. The good news is, well-defined brows just became easier to achieve!

Browvado is Caronlab's new luxurious sculpting facial gel wax that is specifically formulated for precision waxing. This revolutionary wax sits somewhere between a hard wax and a strip wax. It has a gel-like consistency that makes it easy to wrap around the brows with ease, giving estheticians more control than with any other wax currently on the market. There's no need to twirl!

Browvado was formulated to be transparent when warm for optimal visibility; however, it has a holographic shimmer and a light, soothing fragrance of honeysuckle and pear. Browvado is the ideal wax for beginners and professionals alike! it removes hair in one go without fail and is gentle on the skin.

To watch our demo video, click here.

Features and Benefits:

  • This luxurious Sculpting Gel Wax gives you unsurpassed control.
  • Specifically formulated to have a gel consistency, which makes it ideal for contouring as it wraps around the brows with ease
  • Contains a high-quality synthetic resin
  • The gentleness of hard wax, with the grip of a soft wax
  • Perfect for brow shaping and facial waxing
  • Stunning holographic appearance with subtle, comforting scent of honeysuckle and pear


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