Treatment How-To: Seaweed Rejuvenation Facial


Tucked along the tree-lined shore of Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks, the Japanese-themed Spa Shiki at the Lodge of Four Seasons strives to go beyond the ordinary spa experience by educating clients about how to incorporate spa philosophy and ritual into their daily lives. The Seaweed Rejuvenation Facial is a multifaceted treatment that provides immediate, uplifting benefits to the skin. Acupressure point stimulation and the use of essential oils and seaweed lifts, tones and balances the delicate facial skin. The result is a complexion that looks youthful and feels toned.

Duration: 80 minutes

Cost: $135

Products needed:

Gentle daily cleanser

Seaweed cleanser with essential oils


Laminaria oil

Green food-grade algae


Eye cream

Equipment needed:



Cloth headband


Plastic bags for hands

Warming mittens

Eye pads

Cotton pads


Step 1. Welcome the client to the spa and lead to the treatment room. Ask the client about any allergies, current skin regimen, and if there are any health concerns of which you need to be aware. Inquire whether she has ever had a facial before, then discuss the treatment steps so she knows what to expect. Ask whether she would like extractions performed if the skin appears congested after steaming. Inform the client the seaweed does carry a strong ocean smell so she isn’t surprised by it. Invite her to communicate if any discomfort arises during the treatment so it may be addressed to ensure the treatment is fully relaxing. Finally, ask the client to disrobe and lay face up on the treatment table, comfortably covered by the sheet and blanket. Leave room to allow for privacy.

Step 2. After an appropriate amount of time, return to the room and dim the lights. Ask if the client is comfortable and begin the treatment, turning on the steamer.

Step 3. Apply a headband to keep the client’s hair out of the way. Cleanse the face using an appropriate daily cleanser, gently massaging into the face for five minutes.

Step 4. Exfoliate the skin using a seaweed cleanser with essential oils.

Step 5. Steam with the seaweed cleanser on the skin for 6–10 minutes, depending upon the client’s skin type. While steaming, apply moisturizing lotion by administering a soothing massage to the client’s arms and hands, promoting relaxation. Put a plastic bag on each hand, followed by warming mittens.

Step 6. Apply eye pads and perform extractions if requested.

Step 7. Apply toner using cotton pads.

Step 8. Perform a 15-minute facial massage with Laminaria oil—a pure brown seaweed derivative—to stimulate collagen, tone skin and prepare it for deeper penetration of the seaweed mask that follows.

Step 9. Apply food-grade green algae mask. Mask consistency should not be too runny or too thick. When applied to the skin, the mask should be just thick enough to not be transparent.

Step 10. Perform neck, shoulder and scalp massage while seaweed mask penetrates the skin. This should take 15 minutes.

Step 11. Leave seaweed on and perform acupressure at key points on the face. Conduct three passes of the acupressure routine.

Step 12. Rinse mask off with water. Two towels and two rinses are generally required.

Step 13. Apply appropriate moisturizer and eye cream.

Step 14. Inform the client you have completed the facial, and provide hand mirror for the client to use to inspect her face. Invite the client to take her time getting into a robe, and tell her you will leave to get a glass of water for her, allowing the client privacy so she can put on her robe.

Step 15. Upon your return, knock before entering to ensure the client is clothed. Escort the client into one of the spa’s meditation areas to sit and relax as the treatment concludes.

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