Study Finds Women Are Not Washing Face Properly


A study by the British Skin Foundation has reported that 50% of people who wear makeup in the UK are damaging their skin by not removing their make up before going to bed. The report was a result of a survey by the foundation which revealed that 64% of non-washers are too tired to take it off, 43% have had too much to drink and 26% did not care.

The foundation also reported that 65% who suffer from dry skin also exfoliate their skin. The group further explained that exfoliating worsens dry skin. The survey also revealed that 46% of the British public are currently paying over £7 for their moisturizer, when a cheaper (£3), non-branded product bought from a reputable retail outlet does the same job.

The foundation maintains that consumers are not as educated when it comes to caring for their skin. It offers tips for care at  

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