The Top Tip For Prepping Clients Traveling To Dry Climates


With summer in full swing and reduced travel restrictions, you may find that many of your clients have upcoming trips to dry climates. This can mean a sudden change in their skin texture that leaves them needing some advice for treatment. Instead of waiting for the effects post-trip, you can prepare your clients with some tips on how to prep their skin for vacation. According to an article written by Leslie Baumann, M.D., special to the Miami Herald, there are "two reasons why your skin needs time to adjust to a dry environment." 

These reasons include an "increase in natural moisturizing factor (NMF) production" and the "skin barrier function is weaker when coming from a humid environment to a dry environment." No fear, there is one very important step that your client can take to prevent these changes in temperature from wreaking havoc on their skin. 

Pack a barrier repair moisturizer.

The product will maintain the skin's protective barrier so their are no sudden changes when traveling to a different climate. Baumann states, "Barrier repair moisturizer helps to replenish the proper ratio of the lipids that your skin needs to effectively seal moisture inside when there is little available to draw in from the environment and to also keep irritants and allergens locked out."

After your client's skin adjusts to the temperature of their travel destination, they will no longer need to moisturize as often. This smooth transition makes skin adapt to changes at a quicker pace and when your client returns to high-humidity, their skin should "naturally produce less NMF." 

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