Video: What is Your Exfoliation IQ?


How well do you know exfoliation? When choosing an exfoliation method, one must consider the level of exfoliation they want to achieve and how that treatment will interact with the client's skin type. 

In this treatment demo from Face & Body Northern California 2016, consultant Susanne Schmaling demonstrates step-by-step her physical exfoliation process. She starts the treatment by activating her product and brushing it on the participant's face. After the face is covered with the product, she lightly massages the face to achieve light exfoliation but not abrade or irritate the skin.

“The goal for physical exfoliation is to mechanically remove the dead skin,” Schmaling said during her demonstration.

Face & Body Northern California 2017 will be taking place on August 26 - 28 in San Jose, Califronia. To stay on-top of all the news and excitement, visit the Face & Body site here

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