Getting Handsy: The Four Hand Facial Treatment


reVamp SalonSpa doesn't believe in holding back when it comes to their facial treatments, and that is why they are now offering a new Four Hands Facial Treatment. With the goal of achieving complete relaxation while cleansing, detoxifying and revitalizing the skin, the Four Hands Facial uses two estheticians to get the job done.

The Four Hands Facial

This facial will use two estheticians; the primary esthetician will be performing the actual steps to the facial. Meanwhile, the secondary estheticians will be using hot towels and massaging the arms, feet and lower legs. The facial portion will last for 60 minutes, while the massage from the secondary esthetician will be a 30 minute treatment. 

Step 1. Cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

Step 2. Apply the customized facial mask blend.

Step 3. Perform extraction and detoxification.

Step 4. Perform pressure point work.

Step 5. Massage decollete, neck, shoulders and face.

Step 6. Perform hot oil scalp treatment with hot towels.

Step 7. Apply and layer specialty serums, eye creams and moisturizers.

"When two practitioners are working in tandem in a methodical way the synergistic counterbalance of pressure from different angles around the body will mimic the safety and security a baby feels when being swaddled, as it relates to the first sensations our human bodies ever feel." - Leah-Simon Clarke

Why Four Hands

Leah-Simon Clarke, creator of the Four Hand Facial, explains how the facial itself will leave the client's skin looking supple, hydrated, clean, clear and illuminated. However, she further dives into how "By having a second practitioner using hot towels and massaging the arms, feet and lower legs to move the knee, the person receiving this service is triggered with sensations they didn’t know were possible." 

The dual sensations on the upper and lower body allow for people to fully sink into a relaxing state so that they can recharge and forget about their worldly commitments. This treatment provides a deep healing due the extra power of touch that it includes.

Clarke dives further in the science behind the four weeks facial explaining "the first sense to develop in a human fetus is touch...Your skin is your external nervous system, having the ability to regulate the brain and the body. Touch stimulates pressure receptors in the skin that send a message to the brain and oxytocin is released, lowering cortisol." Thus, she continues to explain how two spa professionals working together synergistically can help the client feel safe and secure because it relates to the first sensations they felt as a baby.

The Four Hands Facial in the Spa

With the ability to use whatever products best appeal to your clients and the lack of contraindications, this treatment is as good as gold for adding to the treatment menu. This treatment can be performed in any spa that has an esthetician and massage therapist, and the training for this treatment would depend upon the prior experience of the practitioners.

"Being that a Four Hand Facial is so uncommon, there is an open door for marketing this service to your local media outlets...Marketing is two fold. It is important to be innovative, yes, but equally important to start with the quality behind your services and your brand...It is vital that a business take the time first to improve the quality of the experience from top to bottom..." Clarke further advises.

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