Celebrity Treatment: The Pyramid FaceLift


Achieving glowing and ageless skin is always a desire for clients, but most clients want these anti-aging results without any downtime. Enter The Pyramid FaceLift, a non-surgical treatment that is available in the UK and gaining popularity for its ability to reduce an aged appearance without any recovery.

The Celebrity Skin Treatment

Lisa Harris, founder of Lisa Harris Skin Science, discussed the Pyramid FaceLift saying "[it] provides complete skin rejuvenation by TriFractional Radio Frequency, which helps skin produce healthier skin cells and collagen." This part of the face lift will help to produce younger and fresher looking skin. 

Harris discussed how the unique name for this treatment comes from its three-step process that uses different technologies to achieve optimal results. 

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The next step in the face lift works to correct the skin from any pigmentation and uneven tone while also toning the facial muscles. This particular part is important because the toning and lifting of the facial muscles works to improve any skin sagging, especially in the jowl area.

Harris discussed how this treatment can be marketed toward, and used for, any client that is suffering from skin discoloration in relation to sun damage, scarring or hyperpigmentation, as well as any client with aging concerns. 

The Pyramid FaceLift Benefits

Besides this treatment being used on many celebrities, as told by Harris, this treatment also works in creating healthier skin. The TriFractional Radio Frequency's ability to provide the skin with the ability to create healthier skin cells allows for a more long-term result.

"Botox and fillers cannot offer positive energy into skin creating healthier skin cells," explains Harris. This treatment can be provided in a one-time session, but for more optimal results it can be sold in a set of three or six sessions for a discount. 

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