How to Prevent Bumps Under The Eyes

'Chicken Skin' can be prevented with exfoliation and cell turnover.
"Chicken Skin" can be prevented with exfoliation and cell turnover.

It is common for clients to come in with eye area issues, including small bumps or "chicken skin" under their eyes. These bumps can be caused by a few things such as an allergic reaction, milia or keratosis pilaris, according to Healthline. These bumps normally will do no harm, but they can be annoying.

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The best ways to avoid getting these bumps include keeping skin clean by washing and exfoliating as well as moisturizing with products that contains ingredients such as vitamin A and E, which are helpful for cell turnover.

If clients do happen to get them, remind them not pick at the bumps, as that can make it worse. Instead, have them  hydrate their skin and loosen pores with the following:

  • Warm baths,

  • Humidifiers,

  • Rose water and

  • Moisturizing creams.

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