Teaching Clients Face Yoga in Quarantine


While being distanced from your clients in quarantine, an option of a treatment you can provide to them is virtual face yoga. During this quarantine, teaching your clients, employees and yourself self care techniques can be incredibly beneficial especially in building client loyalty. We reached out to Koko Hayashi, founder of Koko Face Yoga to learn more about how this experience can be provided digitally. 

Skin Inc. (SI): What is face yoga?

Koko Hayashi (KH): Face yoga is a great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance. It's been popular in Japan for decades, and there are more than 1,000 face yoga instructors there. 

SI: What are the benefits of face yoga?

KH: We wake up the sleeping muscles in the face to lift up the skin and relax over-worked muscles for wrinkle reduction. In other words, this is a natural alternative to Botox or plastic surgery. Face yoga highly focuses on how to move facial muscles properly for daily facial activities, such as resting face posture, eating, drinking, speaking, etc. Exercises are in total three to five minuets per day only, so if you are moving the muscles incorrectly the rest of the day, you won't see good results.

SI: How can spa professionals use face yoga during quarantine?

KH: Spa professionals already know how to treat clients, so they can quickly learn how to teach face yoga and start teaching online.

SI: How can spa professionals use these methods after quarantine is over?

KH: Spa professionals can up sell the face yoga session before facial massage. Did you know that Meghan Markle learned face exercises from her beauty therapist? Teaching in person is a great way too, as they can touch the client's skin to teach how much pressure for face shiatsu exercises. Face shiatsu is a part of the face yoga method.

SI: How can spa professionals use face yoga to make a profit while spas are closed?

KH: Face yoga is easily teachable online. Even before COVID-19, more than half of my sessions were online. I like taking screen shots of the client's bad face posture, facial expression habits to show room for improvement, and this face patrol service cannot be easily done in-person.

SI: What are some key face yoga steps?

KH: Some factors include: 

  • Introduction of face yoga

  • Consultation (concerns, before photos, etc.)

  • Warm up

  • Face posture/tongue posture

  • Exercises/tips for neck, jaw line, smile line, jowl, cheeks, eye, forehead, asymmetry, etc, according to the clients

If you are interested in becoming certified in face yoga check it out here: https://kokofaceyoga.com/certification.

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