Researchers Develop Needle-free Anti-aging Treatment


Many clients are seeking out treatments and topicals for their anti-aging and prejuvenation needs. This is why researchers developed a needle-free "exosome" treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles from UV-exposed mice, and this treatment is designed to be more effective than topicals and last longer than injections. 

The researchers published their findings in ACS Nanobased on their research of this treatment in mice. The researchers discovered, through treating human skin cells in a dish, that when treated with exosomes from stem cells, the human cells experienced a boost in collagen production. The study explained that exosomes are membranous vesicles containing protein and RNA that cells release to communicate with each other, and this is what caused the researchers to look into treating mouse skin with exosomes from human dermal fibroblasts. 

In their desire to make this a "needle-free" treatment, the research group decided to use a needle-free device to inject these mice. The device uses a jet of air to deliver the medication deep into the skin. To see the effect on the anti-aging benefits of this treatment, the researches exposed mice to UVB light for 8 weeks. After three weeks of administering the treatment, the mice showed significantly thinner and more superficial wrinkles than the mice that were treated with with a topical retinoic acid or standard anti-aging medications.

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