Alex Hernandez's Transitional Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Alex Hernandez, Education Development Manager & Lead Educator for Face Reality
Hernandez shares her five step skin care routine for skin that's transitioning from winter to spring.
Photo courtesy of Alex Hernandez

This time of year can be tricky for many people. In some areas, we’re coming out of the cold winter months heading into better weather and wanting to spend some much-needed time outdoors. In other areas, we’re bundled up with the heater running not wanting to step outside if we don’t have to. For those of you right in the middle, this night routine is for you.

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  1. I prefer a foaming cleanser, but I have to be careful that I’m not using something that is going to dry my skin out, so Face Reality’s Ultra Gentle Cleanser is the perfect solution for me. I get a thorough cleanse, make-up removal and antioxidant support all in one. I don’t use any cleansing devices at all, just my hands when cleansing, and I love using the Clean Skin Club XL Towels to dry my skin after.
  2. I sometimes avoid an exfoliating serum when I’m feeling more dehydrated or spending more time in the sun. To make up for this, I use a hypochlorous acid toner after my cleanse to get those antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. My two favorites are the e11ement and Magic Molecule sprays.
  3. Next up is hydration and my go-to is Face Reality’s Hydrabalance. This is a product I like to be generous with, so I don’t shy away from using some extra pumps when I need to. This is a water-based hydrator so you’ll want to lock it in with a cream and/or oil.
  4. To lock in my hydrator, I go in with a pea size amount of Face Reality’s Cran-Peptide Cream. If you don’t like a rich cream, the Clearderma will be a better option for you.
  5. Last up, I like to use a facial oil. My favorite is Hale & Hush’s Remedy Rehab Oil. This blend of replenishing oils helps to rebuild the skin, brighten, restore elasticity and reduce any signs of aging.
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