What’s All the Hype? Part 3: Securing the Bag

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So this is the finale, the end of the road. We’ve closed out the educational part of the service side. Now, we’ll address how to deal with your client to get and keep them around for life!

In part one, the foundation was laid for all of us estys to be on the same page on what types of hyperpigmentation there are, how to identify it and more. In part two, how to treat hyperpigmentation was addressed, and now we need to address ‘the bag.’ Yes, I said it! For those of you not familiar, the bag is the money bag. Fill it and secure it for years to come.

The Arrival

When your client arrives, it’s important that your space gives them the impression that you take your job seriously, especially if they are new. This means a clean, non-dusty appearance and a space that is neat and organized. There should be a theme or color scheme. They should always have comfort upon arrival through the end of their visit. This should include matching seating, a small table, a retail shelf, a magazine rack, a candy bowl, a framed license, a small lined garbage and a picture/fixture for the wall. It doesn’t take a lot of money to do this either. Utilize stores in your area. There are some up-to-date options for every style and price range.

Always greet or have some type of greeting when folks walk in. For those of you that don’t have a receptionist, get a sign that lets them know that it’s normal to not be greeted by a human yet. You can get signs online that say something to the effect of “Please be seated, we’ll be with you shortly.” Have a candy bowl (with likeable, individually wrapped candy), water and bathroom keys, if needed. Make their wait comfortable. Don’t forget magazines (people still love actual magazines) like Vogue and Elle that are current and beauty and fashion related. This helps divert attention from waiting, and also keeps them thinking of looking good! That totally benefits us!

When you see your client, greet them immediately, even if you are still with another person. Don’t forget to smile. You’re happy, blessed and booked, remember? Even if you’ve had a bad day, that is none of their burden or business. You’re taking a load off of them, not stressing them. This leads to another very important topic—what to and not to talk about.

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Rebekah Star has been a skin care and wellness expert for over 20 years. After becoming a liscensed esthetician, she opened her own brow studio in Portland. She later became lead esthetician for a skin care company before opening her own skin care space in New York City, Rebekah Rich Brow & Beauty Corp.

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