Rebuilding Sensitive Skin


It seems like there has been an increase in sensitive skin, especially over the last few years. I have noticed it with my clients. In the previous year, I have seen a rise in red patches that flare up throughout the face and neck of clients. As we know, sensitive skin tends to be thin and is prone to broken capillaries. Sensitivities consist of stinging, tightness, burning, itching, soreness, redness, rashes, inflammation and red patches. What is causing the skin to be sensitive, and how do we rebuild it? The excellent news about sensitive skin is that it can be strengthened over time and restored to a standard skin type.

Skin Barrier

Let’s first start with our skin barrier. Our skin barrier is what protects us from the outside world. Its primary role is to prevent excess water loss and aid in hydration. When the skin barrier is impaired, the vascular reactivity is increased, resulting in sensitive skin. Since our skin is the body’s primary wall and the largest organ is vital, we take care of it and explain the importance to our clients. Without our skin, we would evaporate and die. When our skin presents with symptoms and conditions, it’s how the body communicates with us, letting us know it needs something.

Having proper skin care is essential because our skin is the most significant barrier against infection. Keeping our skin healthy and moist helps keep this barrier strong. When the skin gets dry or irritated by harsh soaps, cracks in the skin can occur. Cracks in the skin make a person more prone to infection; this is not healthy for the skin barrier.

When our clients are in our treatment rooms, we gauge what to do to care for their skin. What happens when they leave the treatment room is different. Your client’s lifestyle can be sabotaging their skin. We all know the dangers of alcohol, smoking, drugs, sun, and pollution, but what about sugar-inflammation, petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, lack of sleep, going to bed without cleansing skin, excessive exfoliation, overloading your skin with too many products, long hot showers, etc.? All of this can lead to sensitive skin.

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Lisa Hs

Lisa Stewart  has worked in the skin care industry for more than 18 years as an esthetician and an educator, and she is the founder of Solia Spa and Peri Skin Care. She is a co-host for a National TV Show, Lite It Up TV,  a guest beauty expert for Fox News Day Cleaveland and serves on the Skin Inc. Advisory Board. She also is a regular guest speaker at Face & Body tradeshows. 

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