5 Tips For Back To Work Skin Health and Confidence


Many of us are heading back into the office, and although that means no more cozy pajamas while we work, it also means many of us will be reevaluating how we care for our skin. From applying makeup regularly for the first time in ages, to stress making our acne act up worse than usual, it's not unusual for people to realize they need to overhaul their skin care now.

These are some of the best ways to care for your skin while you’re heading back into the office!  Small changes throughout your day can drastically change your skin’s health and encourage you to be more confident in how you navigate the world!

1. Incorporate sunscreen into your daily regimen

Above all else, once you start going outside more, you need to make an effort to get sunscreen and UV light protection into your daily routine. Sometimes this can be as easy as buying a primer with a good SPF level, but you should pay attention to what you're putting on your skin.

Simple sunscreen can be great for your arms, hands, and neck, which are the most often exposed to sunlight when you're driving or in transit. In addition, protecting your skin from sunlight may help you fight off sunburns and possible skin diseases.

2. Get to know what type of skin you have

There's no way to set up a good skin regimen without getting to know what type of skin you have. Although you may have mostly oily or dry skin, most people have a combination of the two. The best way to get to know your skin is to spend a day without any makeup on it, and then at the end of the day, blot your skin with tissue in different parts of your face. 

The oilier sections of your face will leave residue, while drier areas won't. Follow the map of your face to inform where you can apply hydration the most and which portions of your face may to cleanse away the oils while still allowing it to stay hydrated.

3. Fight back against stress acne

Although acne can't be caused by only stress; getting stressed while you already have acne can make your symptoms worse. Stress makes scratches or blemishes in our skin take longer to heal because our bodies are working to solve whatever problem is stressing us out.

Many are turning to CBD oil to help fight back against acne, and the results are promising so far. Many CBD products have been shown to reduce inflammation and redness from acne while also promoting healing so that any scars and active acne will diminish over time.

4. Cleanse your skin gently after a long day

After a long day of stress at work, dealing with coworkers, and eating foods that aren’t always the best for us, it’s a good idea to cleanse your face before you go to bed. Seek out a good goat soap or other mild and hydrating soap that will wash away any sign of the day that made its way to your face and leave behind healthy skin.

Avoid any soaps that are highly astringent or have abrasive beads in them. Although it's a good idea to get all of the unhealthy oils and makeup off of your face, going too rough will strip your skin of the healthy fats it needs to look soft and healthy.

After you cleanse, you can apply a mild facial lotion, but be sure to avoid putting on a heavy mask every night. Masks can be nice once a week or so, but applying one every single evening can clog your pores and lead to further issues.

All your skin needs at the end of the day is mild soap and mild hydration. Taking it too far beyond that will lead to further skin issues.

5. Avoid touching or picking at your face

When we're working office jobs, it's too easy to lean on our desks with our palms on our face or fuss with our skin using our hands. Not only are our hands oily enough to clog pores and worsen acne, but we also pick up germs and grime while we touch things throughout our day. Transferring this to our faces for our skin to absorb isn't healthy and can lead to anything from acne to allergic reactions. 

If you find yourself picking at your face a lot, buy a necklace that you can fidget with that will distract your hands. Of course, you can get any pendant that speaks to you, but the distraction for your hand can save your skin.

Despite your fantastic personality and the skills you show off at work, now that more people are going to be working in person, your skin care will be doing a lot of the talking for you. Allow people to brush past your facial care and get to know the incredible person you are inside by gaining confidence through your skin care.

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