What’s All The HYPE? Part I


In the last two years, we’ve seen an influx in conversations professionally and from our clients, friends and family about this skin condition that has ALWAYS existed, hyperpigmentation (not to be confused with *hypopigmentation). I’m hearing Oprah Winfrey in the background saying “I get hyperpigmentation! You get hyperpigmentation! She gets hyperpigmentation!” Only, that’s way less favorable than a free new car, right?!

The truth is, if Oprah really said this, she’d be correct. According to recent market reports, the United States is not only leading, but dominating the global market in this area on account of the rising incidence of hyperpigmentation and treatments available. Being an expert in this industry, it is not only important, but necessary that we know this skin condition inside and out, and well enough that we can recite the characteristics in our sleep. We also need to be able to identify the clients that suffer from this, what type it is, and how to properly treat and educate our clients with accuracy and visible results!

Let’s like, share and subscribe to educating ourselves first, strengthening that ‘hyperpigmentation muscle’ and that, in turn, will lead to better client responsibility and engagement on both sides of the experience.

During this educational three-part series, I will cover all you need to know in the proper order. This will include: what the condition is, how to identify it, how to treat in clinic and at home, proper pricing, client retention and more!

So let’s jump into the part one, but first, I need a commitment from you. Are you ready to master hyperpigmentation treatments? Are you ready to increase your sales and service revenue? Are you ready to create a 5-star customer experience? If the answer to these three is yes, let’s get started.

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Rebekah Star has been a skin care and wellness expert for over 20 years. After becoming a liscensed esthetician, she opened her own brow studio in Portland. She later became lead esthetician for a skin care company before opening her own skin care space in New York City, Rebekah Rich Brow & Beauty Corp.

This is the first of a three-part series on hyperpigmentation. Check back in your next issue of Skin Inc. for the second part on how to treat hyperpigmentation and the client experience.

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