Enhancing Eye Treatments with Microcurrent


The first rite of passage on our beauty journey to maturity, begins with seeing our first fine lines around our eyes. Often, we panic, take a double take in the mirror or get a good night’s sleep hoping it’s just fatigue only to wake up and see them again. Next step is to go straight to the beauty counter to purchase our first eye cream. This step in the aging process tends to happens to women sooner than men because male skin is 25 times thicker. 

The Science Behind Eye Aging

The skin around the eyes and its contour is the most thin and fragile of any other skin on the body. Over time, we squint from the sun, to read computers and phones, some clients smoke, some go without sunscreen and some battle allergies and constantly rub their eyes. Even worse is the client who loves makeup so much they sleep in it. Diet choices will also come into play on how quickly our eyes age. Who hasn’t had a client show up with “hangover” eyes with dark circles? Or have a client that loves salt and comes in with puffy eyes? We’ve all had that one client who drink eight cokes a day and has dehydrated eyes. All of these little daily assaults to the eyes tear at the fascia, break down collagen and elastin, decrease circulation and form dark circles. We develop deep lines or “Crows Feet” and even get drooping of our eyelids. All the creams and gels just can not combat the passing of time.

Bring Microcurrent into Eye Treatments

Traditional beauty treatments for the eyes have included peels, masks, lymph drainage massage and cold therapy to exfoliate, contract skin, reduce puffiness and plump the fine lines. While these are wonderful quick fixes, what about long-term results? Well, we are all in luck thanks to 21st century advances in microcurrent beauty therapies. It begins with dynamic, intelligent microcurrent, types of tools and proper application techniques.

Dynamic intelligent microcurrent therapy for the eyes can slow down and even reverse the visible signs of aging. It can measure the difference in the skin’s density and its hydration at the intracellular level. This measurement is a measure of the skin’s natural impedance to traditional microcurrent applications. Dynamic intelligence microcurrent devices will then adjust the internal microcurrent output to its most optimal level when applied to the skin’s variances. The result will be increase mitochondria and ATP production at the cellular level. With this new increase of cell metabolism, collagen increases, elastin is stimulated, lymph fluids are moved and circulation is increased all resulting in younger brighter, eyes.

Dynamic, Intelligent Microcurrent Treatment

Different tools, techniques and settings will need to be combined to get these long lasting and rejuvenating results. Dynamic, intelligent microcurrent begins with gel and applying prongs in a gliding motion around the eye, insertion to origin in the oxygenating phase. This is done to start the treatment by getting the circulation and the lymph system moving. Then, you will move on to utilizing the prongs to glide, cinch and lift the skin at the trigger points of the ocular muscles. We finish the service by incorporating finish masks that are enhanced with silver meshed gloves designed to cover more surface area of the skin, and the microcurrent should then be set to tone the skin and help improve product penetration.

This microcurrent treatment will stimulate the connective tissue and muscles to contract and lift the skin around the eyes. Your clients will not only see an immediate change in their eye youth, but they will derive a sense of overall well-being. So, whether your clients need to see a quick fix or are striving for a long-term solution to their aging eyes, dynamic intelligent microcurrent is the solution.

Final Tips

You can incorporate an eye service into any facial protocol including before peels. Each treatment will increase the time in the service about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the amount of time you devote to each eye. Its good to stop after one eye and show the client the difference before moving on to the next eye. They will be amazed and want to have it for every service they book in the future. Happy, younger looking clients will thank you for adding this new treatment to your spa menu.

Tony Head Shot 300

Tony Picciano is the CEO of NeurotriS. With more than 30 years of experience as an engineer with a focus on specific frequency electrotherapeutics, Picciano has found the “sweet spot” where the latest in cutting-edge microcurrent technologies meets anti-aging science to create non-invasive solutions for facial and body sculpting treatments.

Malinda Head Shot 300

Malinda McHenry is a practicing cosmetologist, esthetician, instructor, author, speaker and business owner with 32 years of experience. A former school owner, McHenry has nine award winning educational DVD’s and offers online advanced esthetician certification courses at www.estheticprofessor.com for students and practicing estheticians.  

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