The 3 Skin Sins: Smoking, Sugar and Stress


Smoking, sugar and stress are truly the three sins in the skin care world. How do we subvert this terrible triumvirate? Read on and discover how these three sins affect the skin. Learn what spa treatments to offer these clients and what at-home regimens to recommend. Also, find out how to encourage clients to embrace cleaner living habits and maximize their skin’s potential.


I often get asked how smoking directly affects the skin. Even with the knowledge we now have about the harmful effects of nicotine, it seems to be as popular as ever with the proliferation of flavored electronic cigarettes. Smoking is a bad and addictive habit.

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We know you're dying to know what smoke, stress and sugar can really do the skin. Check out the rest of the skin sins in our digital edition



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Marion Simms was born and trained in England and has been part of the skin care industry for over 25 years, working various roles. In 1984, she opened SkinSense Wellness Spa for spa services focused on wellness and skin care.

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