Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals Medical Red Light Therapy

Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals Medical Red Light Therapy
Medical red light therapy helps achieve some of the most powerful cellular optimization effects on the human body that one can imagine.

Medical Red Light Therapy

Medical red light therapy helps achieve some of the most powerful cellular optimization effects on the human body that one can imagine:

  • Instant fat loss
  • Skin tightening
  • Relief from pain
  • Increased tissue regeneration
  • Decreased inflammation

Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals Medical Red Light TherapyMedical red light therapy helps achieve some of the most powerful cellular optimization effects on the human body that one can imagine.

Why Should I Invest in Medical Red Light Therapy?

With a basic understanding of the power of photomodulation, we know Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) utilizes red and near infrared light. It is used for injuries, lesions, soft tissue regeneration, decreasing inflammation and relieving the body of chronic pain almost immediately. As someone who suffers from chronic pain from a 30-year-old spinal cord injury and autoimmune challenge, I can honestly say this has been life changing for me. Not only does it keep me from using pharmaceutical medications, it also helps increase my energy, strengthens my immune system, minimizes hair loss and improves every skin condition.

However, with all the different red light therapies on the market today, it’s important to understand the difference between LED Light Therapy and Medical Red Light Therapy.

Medical Red Light Therapy is the gold standard for safety and efficacy. Advanced technologies such as UltraSlim® have undergone rigorous clinical trials to ensure clients receive safe and effective treatments. UltraSlim’s proprietary modulation technology enables practitioners to produce consistent, precise results in a fraction of the time required by other treatments. These results are backed by clinical evidence, offering clients real, visible results with minimal risk and downtime. By investing in medical-grade devices that are FDA-cleared, aesthetic professionals can offer their clients reliable treatments that produce long-lasting outcomes.

Does it Really Matter Which Red Light Therapy I Use?

Yes. If you want profound, clinically proven results at the cellular level.

The difference is really quite simple. In order to have profound cellular optimization, you need the energy to penetrate four inches (10cm) into the soft tissue of the body. That ensures you can affect the mitochondria in the cells and obtain the strongest effect red light therapy can provide.

Stimulating the cells at this depth will open the fat cells, allowing them to release their content and provide an instant volume loss in one treatment.

If medical red light has the power to push out fat content from the cells in one treatment as UltraSlim does (1), imagine what it can do for the soft tissue of the lungs, the heart and the brain.

Advanced Therapies with Medical Red Light

How Do I Combine These Therapies with Skin Care?

One of the biggest mistakes technicians make when doing treatments—often unintentionally—is increasing the absorption rate of products that contain carcinogens, hormone disruptors and neurotoxins. One study in the American Journal of Public Health reported the skin absorbs 64% of the total contaminant dosage (2). We know the skin absorbs prdoducts into the bloodstream immediately. We also know that red light treatment increases the efficacy of the products used.

When using a medical red light during a facial or body treatment it is imperative to understand that you are enhancing the active ingredients contained in the products. You are increasing their penetration depth and boosting their effectiveness.

If, however, the products contain chemical fillers, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, formaldehyde or irritating preservatives, the risk for irritation to the skin also increases. Don’t use them.

Gently exfoliate before performing the red light treatment to help lift dead skin cells and promote even greater skin rejuvenation.

(1) Patients lose an average of 1,580cc of fat in just 32 minutes (3.5”combined waist, hips and thighs) with UltraSlim® as proven in 2018 multi-site clinical trials (NCT02867150 at ClinicalTrials.gov).

(2) Brown et al. The role of skin absorption as a route of exposure for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in drinking water. Am J Public Health. 1984 May; 74(5): 479–484.


Article written by Tiffany Andersen CEO and National Educator for Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals®, overseeing the company’s strategic growth and product formulations using first-to-market ingredients.



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