The Swiss Army Knife of the Medical World

The Swiss Army Knife of the Medical World
UltraSlim® works great for targeting stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise alone.
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More medspas are integrating UltraSlim® as it can be used in conjunction with a variety of other modalities such as IV hydration, vitamin therapy, metabolic weight loss, botox, and fillers. It provides clients with a comprehensive approach to treating their aesthetic needs that can help them achieve the look they desire comfortably and quickly. This powerful combination of treatments helps improve skin tone and texture while reducing fat deposits.

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“We focus on educating people on cellular health through therapies like UltraSlim® - as well as IV hydration, vitamin therapy, ozone technology, and all the traditional spa treatments like botox, filler and laser services.” - Tiffany Andersen

UltraSlim® also works great for targeting stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise alone. By combining UltraSlim® with these other treatments, patients will experience smoother skin, improved body contours, reduced wrinkles, diminished stretch marks, and more youthful-looking skin overall. UltraSlim® is worth considering for any spa that focuses on quick and painless treatments. With no downtime or pain associated with this powerful modality, patients can quickly resume their day-to-day activities or move on to the next modality without having to worry about soreness or healing times.

"UltraSlim® has become the centerpiece of my therapeutic lineup. No one therapy can meet all of my patient's needs, but I couldn't imagine not having UltraSlim®. The service has repeatedly exceeded my expectations and, more importantly, my patients." - Tiffany Andersen

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Patient-focused clinics are integrating UltraSlim® because it offers the best user experience of any fat loss technology. Patients are never touched, experience a gentle warmth like lying on the beach, and see results the same day, making it the preferred choice for patients who want to slim down quickly and effectively.

"If you are just starting out or are well established, like me, I suggest you consider adding UltraSlim to your services," said Tiffany Andersen.

Providers like Tiffany Andersen have taken notice of the benefits...As someone who has been in the aesthetics industry for more than thirty years, Tiffany Andersen is well aware of the importance of keeping your inner health as refreshed as your outer health. She is an entrepreneur, a business owner, and an innovator, paving the way for health through the optimization of cellular health. Andersen has many products under her line, Gracious Glow, as well as several medispas across the U.S. which promote both inner and outer health.

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