An Escape to Remember

Relaxation and a sense of escape are two of the major benefits that aromatherapy provides to clients, and these benefits can often be offered through treatments that are based on the idea of taking a mental vacation to an faraway place. Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO of Sarkli-Repêchage, Ltd., believes that providing a sensory experience for clients that helps reduce stress and provide escape is something spa clients are seeking. This is what her new professional aromatherapy line, Kanshi, is all about. “What you want is to create a sensorial perception. It is important to develop a fantastic ambiance using the senses of smell, taste, sight and sound. Through aromatherapy, you are able to give clients an inner balance and create a great connection between their minds and bodies,” explains Sarfati.

If you are developing aromatherapy treatments based on the idea of a mental escape to an exotic place, consider serving beverages and playing music from that locale, and decorating treatment rooms with colors and details that invoke the destination. These sensorial details plus the fragrances and therapeutic properties of the essential oils will provide a well-rounded treatment experience. For example, because Kanshi is a line that was inspired by the smells and ingredients of Africa, for clients incorporating this line, Sarfati suggests decorating a treatment room in earth tones, shades of browns, oranges and beiges to help transport the client to Africa.

When launching this type of sensorial escape service, Shiri Sarfati, vice president of Sarkli-Repêchage, Ltd., suggests hosting a VIP event allowing clients to try, taste and feel the new experience, offering mini aromatic facials and foot treatments. “Create a fun, interactive event so they can experience something new for the first time,” says Shiri. For instance, spas introducing the Kanshi line are welcoming African beat dancers and offering samples of different foods and African rooibos tea. “It’s a great departure that allows clients to cocoon themselves and create ‘me’ time; that’s what people are looking for,” explains Lydia.

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