Transformative Skin Care


Throughout history, the role of skin care in society has significantly varied; its traditions, purpose, formulations and niche of necessity have continuously evolved. From the ancient beauty rituals performed thousands of years ago in Chinese and Egyptian cultures, to present-day practices performed by spa professionals, nurses and doctors throughout the world, both skin care and our industry have undergone massive transformations. Just as the practice itself has transformed, so have consumer’s lives and what drives them to purchase skin care products and book professional services.

To dive deeper into understanding how our current consumer’s lives have shifted, here are a few relevant statistics.

• According to a survey conducted by the research firm OnePoll in 2018, American parents, on average, are afforded only 32 minutes of free time to themselves each day.1 Considering how society has evolved even further the past two years, as well as the need for many parents to homeschool their children during the day, they may have even less free time than 32 minutes.

• Another survey conducted by OnePoll in 2019 found the average adult has only four hours and 26 minutes of free time per week, with four out of ten people claiming to have even less.2 This amount is approximately 38 minutes per day of free time!

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Brian Goodwin is a licensed esthetician and an international educator for Éminence Organic Skin Care with over 10 years in the industry. He is also a master herbalist, a master esthetician and a consultant. Goodwin has educated over 2,000 spas and specializes in boosting retail sales.

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