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Reflections: Tastefully Trendy

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By now, you all know how much I love the beauty industry. It’s been a passion (or obsession, depending on your viewpoint) of mine for about 30 years now, since I used to sweep hair and watch ladies get perms in my aunt’s beauty salon.

Like any beauty devotee, I have made many mistakes—so, so many mistakes! I followed countless trends that were popular in beauty at the time, only to figure out they weren’t for me after it was too late. I have undergone horrible perms, worn silver lipstick with purple eyeliner, sunbathed with canola oil (we were out of baby oil), attempted a pixi cut and tweezed my brows a la Drew Barrymore in Boys On the Side. For a few years, I even teased three layers of curled bangs into the perfect poof and hosed it with so much Aussie, only an F5 could have disturbed it.

I am sure we have all made these beauty mistakes, and since we can’t go back and pry the glitter out of our hands, it is important that we take these mistakes as lessons in beauty trends.

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In my past 15 years as a beauty editor, I have learned a great deal. I have learned how to care for my skin, how to read any ingredient label, what shades of makeup work best on my skin tone and when to see a professional for maintenance. One of my biggest lessons, however, was to differentiate a fad from a trend and determine if it was right for me—and my brand.

We at Skin Inc. see new beauty trends all the time, and while we love to read about them, our goal is always to see if they have staying power. That being said, this issue highlights 10 trends that I see making major waves in esthetics and spa in 2020. I’m not going to tell you to meditate in hay, give your client squiggly eyebrows or install a gemstone table. Rather, I am talking about 10 trends that can be adopted by a variety of spa owners or skin care professionals, no matter their spa space.

I know that not all of these trends are going to apply to you. In fact, I’m counting on it. Use all your beauty mistakes and industry experience to take a keen eye on what works for you—and be tastefully trendy.

Yours in Beautiful Bangs,

Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson

Senior Managing Editor

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