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5 Must Have Korean Skin Care Steps

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Korean skin care is all about gentle products used for prevention.

Korean skin care tends to focus on prevention and protection of the skin rather than fighting concerns after they've appeared. To accomplish this, the routines tend to be comprehensive and can use numerous products. 

According to Healthline, this could be a nightly skin care routine of anywhere from five to 12 different steps. 

But there are five steps that are always included in a Korean skin care routine, no matter the size. This includes:

  • oil-based cleanser

  • water-based cleanser

  • toner

  • moisturizer

  • SPF

If there is time or the need, other steps include an essence, treatment and eye cream as well. However, for those who want to go all the way to a 12 step routine, add in:

  • exfoliant

  • sheet mask

  • mist 

  • maintenance facials once a week

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