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Spark Joy in Your Spa Space: Clearing the Clutter

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When Marie Kondo came on the scene nearly a decade ago, her concept of KonMari to assist people in decluttering their lives of material possessions that no longer “spark joy” or have spiritual meaning, was thought to be another passing trend. Yet, her 2019 Emmy-winning Netflix series gave her a new wave of popularity, and the 4-foot-7, petite woman became a phenom again. So, it is possible that this is still a relevant thing? Or is it just enough of that kooky magic that stays relevant, especially just making it through a year like 2020?

KonMari is indeed relevant and trending, along with many other Japanese wellness trends. This is beneficial because many spas could sure use a refresh of the spirit, a spark of joy and the release of old things that no longer serve or suit their owner.

Top 5 Reasons to KonMari Your Spa

1. Wasted Space = Wasted Money

When was the last time you took a walk through your spa space with new eyes? With last year’s shutdown, many were forced to leave their business for a while, coming back looking upon their space with new eyes. Now that you are back, check for things that are just sitting, taking up space. Check for things that serve no purpose. Check for things that were there “just in case of an emergency,” that still went unmoved and unused. There is no joy in that. Get rid of them.

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