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Reflections The Same, But Different

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Who is your favorite singer? Is it someone who is a recent sensation, or someone who has seen decades of success? If they’ve lasted decades, it is likely because they possess an uncanny ability to adapt—all the great ones do. Notice that I said adapt and not reinvent here, because success in different decades, in front of different audiences or utilizing different technologies is not about changing who you are, it is about adapting to the current environment. Take Martha Stewart, for example. In the 1980s, Stewart became known for all things decoration, entertaining, recipes and crafting. If you were having 70 people over, or had to fashion holiday decor with some twigs and a glue gun, she was your lady. In 2004, however, Stewart got convicted of conspiracy surrounding a sale of her ImClone stocks and was sentenced to prison following electronic monitoring. Did that get Martha down? No, she used it to her advantage and continued to form new partnerships and launch new products. This year, she even partnered with Snoop Dogg on a cooking show, but she is the same Martha we all know and love, who has just adapted to appeal to a broader demographic.

The spa industry has changed so much over the past few decades, and the spas and product manufacturers who have succeeded through those decades have become masters of adaptation while remaining true to their core beliefs. That adaptation could mean tailoring existing or creating treatments for a new demographic; incorporating a new ingredient, product or device into a treatment menu; or bringing in new hardware or software to accommodate tech-savvy clientele. These brands haven’t changed who they are, otherwise we wouldn’t recognize them. Rather, they have continuously educated themselves and approached new ideas with an open mind.

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Much like these brands, Skin Inc. has become a master of adaptation. In 2016, we redesigned our product sections, created a new product section, launched the Jar Deconstructed column and debuted the Stories of Success feature. In 2017, we launched a weekly e-newsletter, Medical Spa News; retired an old section, Business Solutions; redesigned our table of contents; and launched two new magazine sections, Being Well and MedSpa Matters. You could say we’ve been a little busy, but we haven’t changed who we are. Skin Inc. remains the unbiased source you go to for education on skin science, business and treatments. We have added a little here and changed a little there to serve our reader better, stay technologically current and keep our image fresh. We will continue to adapt, but trust that we will do it in a way that serves you better. Adapt with us!

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Katie Anderson

Managing Editor

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