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Activating Autophagy Diminishes Skin Dullness

P&G researchers have identified that the combination of Nymphaea alba and sucrose dilaurate enhance cellular autophagy in skin to increase the removal of AGEs and decrease skin dullness.

P&G, 23andMe Uncover Genetic Ties to Sensitive Skin

Research from P&G and 23andMe reveals new genetic associations underlying sensitive skin syndrome.

Skin-stress Connection Key to Dermatoses

A recent book chapter released from The Essentials of Psychodermatology explores the biology of the brain-skin connection.

Shiseido Uncovers Elasticity in Capillaries for Anti-aging Approach

For some time, Shiseido has been studying the vasculature of skin as it relates to elasticity for anti-aging benefits. Recently, the company released new findings on the specific mechanisms at work.

Digest vs. Dissolve: A Look at Enzymes and Acids for Exfoliation

We are here to answer all of your questions on what the real difference is between acid and enzyme exfoliation.

Jar Deconstructed: Polyhydroxy Acids

Check out how you can be taking your clients treatments to the next level with polyhydroxy acids!

Breaking Down CBD Product Use by Generation

A Chicago marketing agency broke down how each generation views CBD products, and the results may surprise you.

Could the Human Virome be the Next Skin Care Target?

"The projection, I think, is that many cosmetic companies will begin to launch products with [related antiviral] claims, and R&D departments need to understand more about this claim. I think this is the beginning.”

Sub-group of Fibroblasts Identified as Primary Wound Healers

Research published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology reveals a sub-class of fibroblasts that act as the main collagen producers during wound healing.

Is CBD a Win for Athletes?

So much has been revealed about CBD in the last two years...but so many questions remain...Learn more!

The Great Barrier THIEF: How to talk to clients about the hydrolipidic barrier

See how your clients could be robbing themselves of perfect skin and what else impacts the hydrolipidic barrier.

Jar Deconstructed: Pot Marigold

Great for calming the face and the body calendula may be the skin care ingredient that your spa toolkit is missing!

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