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San Diego Researchers Find Causes of Skin Aging and Immunity

A research group at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine identified what causes skin aging and how this can impact skin immunity.

Long Live The Lash Serum

Eyelashes are catching all of the attention lately and for good reason with their ability to protect the eyes while adding some glam to a look. While extensions are a hot treatment right now, lash serums are another trend that should not get swept under the rug.

TrAP Molecules Drive Natural Healing Proteins

A novel biomaterial developed by researchers at Imperial College London interacts with wound healing and tissue repair as it evolves.

Jar Deconstructed: Ginger

Ginger sneaks its way into numerous food and beverages as well as skin care to provide its different benefits. Apart from providing anti-inflammatory benefits, ginger can help with photodamage and skin whitening among others.

Health-focused Esthetic Care

With constant advancements in this industry and an influx of equipment, ingredient and chemistry advancements there is a need for higher education in many areas in the industry.

Snow Mushroom Could be the New Hyaluronic Acid

While mushrooms in general are a hot 2019 trend, snow mushrooms may specifically hold some excitement for the spa and skin care industry. Popular in Asian culture, this mushroom is now making waves around the world.

Shiseido Uncovers Heroes and Villains in Skin Aging

Various forces are at work within skin that can defend against or propogate signs of aging. Shiseido highlighted findings in this area from a joint research project, along with the capability of an iris extract to influence these dynamics.

Then & Now: New Findings in Glycation

Glycation and how it impacts the skin has been a topic discussed for years, but a lot has changed in the world of science and biology. Check out the key updates that are a need to know when it comes to the correlation between glycation and skin care.

Research Assess Skin Cancer Risks

Research was presented during the American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting, which discussed the correlation between genetic risk factors for skin cancer and environmental risk factors for skin cancer.

Caffeine Consumption Re-java-nates Rosacea-prone Skin

Coffee works wonders when it comes to waking people up in the morning, but could that cup of joe actually be doing even more for your skin? This study may suggest that caffeine can make a big impact on lowering the risk of rosacea.

Nature’s Sponge: The Magic of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is basically a must-have in any skin care tool box, and it has numerous benefits to the skin. See where all the hype is coming from for hyaluronic acid.

Sneaky Dehydration: Catch It and Ensure Great Skin for Clients

Understanding the difference between dry and dehydrated skin is very important when it comes to treating your clients. Knowing only a client's skin type, however, is a disservice to both of you.

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