Spotting and Treating Combo Skin


With oil in some places and dry patches in other, combination skin is tricky. It is important to identify it correctly and utilize different products and treatment to address this skin type.

In a recent article by Mind Body Green, experts provided four tricks to spot combination skin. Some you already know, and some are quite unique.

Tricks to Spot It

Shine. Combination skin is oilier on the T-zone and drier on the cheeks.

Weather. Combination skin is more noticeable with extreme temperatures in summer and winter.

Sunblock. Notice how sunscreen absorbs. If it is just on the cheeks, the client may have combination skin.

Acne. If acne is more prevalent on the T-zone, the client may have combination skin.

Treatments For It

To treat combination skin, you would need to treat both areas at the same time. Pay close attention to where your clients shine, where they are dry and where their acne breakouts occur.

Use clarifying skincare products to penetrate pores and lift excess oil, but nothing too stripping to further dry out the dry skin on the face.  

Help your clients identify products that are good for their combination skin, so they can safely manage their skin issues while away from your spa.

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