Aroma360's Interactive Scent Kiosk

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Aroma360's Interactive Scent Kiosk, also known as the ISK, is a scent diffuser with LCD Display that allows consumers to watch videos or checkout for products while experiencing the art of scent. There are two bottles that are connected to two scent atomizers. This allows the scent coverage to span 4,000 square feet. The scent is dispersed from the top of the ISK through two spray caps. The aluminum frame makes the diffuser fit seamlessly into any location, from spas to hotel lobbies. 

Key Features

  • Heatless, Waterless Diffuser with LCD Display
  • Scents up to 4,000 square feet with ease and efficiency
  • Dimensions 25.1 x 17.7 x 70.9 (inches)
  • Colors - black only
  • Cold air diffusion technology transforms the fragrance oil into very fine, dry nanoparticles for more consistent coverage 
  • No residue
  • Safe for pets, children and furniture
  • Programmable weekly timer that allows unique operating periods per side
  • Security lock for the fragrance compartment

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