The Hot and Cold of the Lava Glacial Facial


Spa Revolutions launched what they are calling their "Lava Glacial Facial," which uses cowrie massage shells to deliver heat and cold to the skin during any facial treatment. The dual effect of having both hot and cold applied to the skin during the facial helps to relieve muscular tension, detoxify skin and increase circulation in one treatment. The contrast of the hot and cold in one treatment brings the client a unique facial experience.

To get the breakdown on how to use this protocol, Becky Halley, director of education for Spa Revolution, and Kristin Sartore, VP Marketing, Development and Design, shared her insight on the treatment and how you can implement it in your spa. 

Playing with Fire

The lava shell is the key tool during this facial, as it is designed to hold a consistent, warm temperature. This allows for the heat in the facial to increase tissue temperature, relax facial muscles and increase blood flow to deliver oxygen and nutrition the cells. 

Another great benefit from the heat is its ability to open pores and soften sebum, making it perfect to pair extractions with. Its ability to also improve circulation allows for the skin to experience better product penetration. 

Cool to the Touch

While the heated shell allows for the skin to open up, the cooling effect that follows in the facial helps to calm and soothe irritation in the skin. The glacial shell that is used in this treatment is particularly beneficial when used around the eye area to reduce inflammation and puffing. 

The glacial shells can also be used for treating acne by reducing the inflammation and promoting healing in the skin. The cold temperature helps to exfoliate pores, slough away dirt and debris and boost circulation for a clear complexion. 

The Lava Glacial Facial Breakdown

The key tool in this facial treatment is the Cowrie Lava Shell, which comes with two specifically designed heated and chilling mineral blends. The Cowrie Shell that is used in this treatment also has a unique shape that allows it to get into different angles and edges "effectively replicating techniques such as pressure point, lifting, draining and contouring," explains Halley. There are specific steps and protocols associated with the facial as well (See Facial Enhancement Protocols).

Apart from the previously listed benefits, the switching from hot to cold, Sartore explains how the switching from hot to cold also stimulates a sense of touch for a more memorable client experience. While the lava shell is used in the beginning to prep the skin by relaxing the facial muscles quicker and enhancing product delivery, the glacial shell is used at the end after the treatment like extractions, chemical peels, laser or waxing to help soothe the skin. 

The glacial shell will activate instantly with the use of cold water, and the lava shell takes approximately 8-10 minutes to heat up. However, once activated both shells can be used throughout any treatment for 60 minutes. Sartore goes on to explain how "Spa professionals can easily market this treatment by creating either a stand-alone Lava Glacial Shell Facial or by offering either treatment as an add-on service enhancement to existing treatments." 

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