[New Episode] The Latest From the Sounds Like Spa Podcast

Skin Inc.'s Sounds Like Spa Podcast
The latest episodes from Skin Inc.'s Sounds Like Spa Podcast.

Skin Inc.'s Sounds Like Spa podcast is for serious spa professionals who want to hear all about the latest trends, treatments, techniques, skin science, business tips and so much more. Join the Skin Inc. team and as they gain exclusive insight from industry experts and give their hot takes, play fun games and provide authentic skin care chats. Become apart of our esthy bestie community and join the Skin Inc. squad for a refreshing new take on bringing you the latest in education with a fun twist.  

You can find this podcast on Spotify and Amazon Music, where they will be launched exclusively. 

The Latest Sounds Like Spa Episodes

Ep. 17: Spa Hot Takes: Reading Reddit Stories

Ep. 16: Regulatory Updates in the Spa ft. Susanne Schmaling

Ep. 15: Changes in Skin Positivity....Pt. 2

Ep. 14: The Benefits of LED & Microcurrent ft. Tera Peterson

Ep. 13: Spa Horror Stories

Ep. 12: Top 5 Skin Care Myths ft. Jan Marini

Ep. 11: Changes in the Skin Positivity Movement

Ep. 10: What's Changing in Social Media ft. Larry Foster

Ep. 9: Battling Out Trending Skin Care Ingredients

Ep. 8: Modalities vs. Devices: What to Use in the Treatment Room ft. Kristen Johnson

Ep. 7: The K-Beauty Craze: What's Trending in K-Beauty

Ep. 6: All About Acne: Acne Myths, Imposters & Treatments ft. Alex Hernandez and Kelsey Duque... Part 2

Ep. 5: All Things Acne Ft. Alex Hernandez and Kelsey Duque... Part 1

Ep. 4: Wedding Planning for the Spa Professional

Ep. 3: Major Updates in Microneedling

Ep. 2: The Skinny on What Makes a Skinfluencer

Ep. 1: TikTok Trends: The Triumphs and Troubles

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