How the World Measures Up: Self-Appearance Acceptance (INFOGRAPHIC)


Only 1-in-10 people are completely satisfied with their looks, according to an online study conducted with more than 27,000 people across 22 counties by GfK.

  • 55% of consumers 15 and older say they are satisfied with their looks
    • 12% of this number go as far as saying they are completely satisfied
  • 16 percent claim dissatisfaction with how they look
    • 3% state they are not satisfied at all
  • 29% reported they feel neutral about their looks

Complete Satisfaction of Looks High in Latin America

Mexico, Brazil and Argentina appear in the top five countries for the percentage of population claiming complete satisfaction.

When widened to include those who are fairly satisfied, as well as those completely satisfied:

  • Mexico comes out on top (74%)
  • Turkey comes second (71%)
  • Brazilians and Ukrainians (65% each)
  • Spanish, Germans and Argentinians (62% each)

Japanese Least Satisfied

Countries that stood out as the most critical of their looks by not being satisfied included:

  • Japanese (38%)
  • British, Russians and South Koreans (20% each)
  • Swedes and Australians (19% each)

Teens are Slightly More Critical

Overall, 16% of 15–19 years olds are "not too satisfied" with their looks, compared to 12–13% of 20–59 year olds not satisfied.

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Gender Equality

New light is shed on the assumption that women are more critical of their own looks than men. Each gender stands at 43% being happy with their appearance. However, men are more likely to be neutral about this question, and women are only slightly more likely to be dissatisfied with their looks.

These findings are key for the beauty and personal care markets in identifying trends and discovering how to connect with consumers.

or example, GfK explains that countries less satisfied with their looks will respond more to a message such as, "Image or change your look," while those with higher satisfaction levels are more likely to respond to, "Refine and maintain your look."

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