The Wellness Kitchen Trend's Spa Impact


One area of the house that seems to be transforming for the better is the kitchen, with people understanding that putting fresh fruits and vegetables into your body is better than greasy fast food. The Wellness Kitchen is a wellness trend that was introduced by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) that revolves around making one of the most popular rooms in the household a better reflection of oneself both with the food that is stored in it and the design of it.

Fueling With Food

Some trends that have come into the food and wellness industry are not new and are, hopefully, here to stay. Starting with organic food and superfoods, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that most consumers are turning to purchasing organic food due to the health, environment and animal welfare benefits. Speaking of animal welfare, choosing to become vegan was also a popular wellness choice that has increased by 360% in Britain alone.

More recently, a buzzword that consumers are loving is "Farm-to-Table," which encompasses buying organic and fresh fruits and veggies as well as locally raised meats and fresh fish. The United States hosts 8,000 farmers' markets, which is a number that is continuing to grow. However, this trend is also starting to take place in consumers' houses where they are growing food from their own garden. 

With change occurring in the types of foods that people are consuming, the design of the kitchen is destined to change as well. This trend is driving people to want simplicity for storage, preparation, cooking, consumption and disposal.

The Wellness Kitchen in the Spa

The GWI predicts that people's desire for fresh, organic and plant-based food will propel them to seek kitchen designs that support their new lifestyle. Also, the GWI explains that "An ideal Wellness Kitchen also feeds the mind and soul thanks to elegant, visually satisfying designs that encourage social interactions and environmentally friendly lifestyles." 

This means that the Wellness Kitchen spreads beyond the kitchen. This trend will cause a heavier emphasis on going green, which will lead more clients to seek organic products for treatments and home care as well as supporting businesses that uphold a "green" lifestyle.

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