8 Global Wellness Summit Trends of 2018


The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) identified new wellness trends that are coming to light in 2018. The differing opinions of renowned economists, medical professionals, wellness professionals, academics and wellness leaders came together to create a unique 90-page report of the upcoming global trends.

1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms provide the brain and body with a lot of medical benefits. Studies have shown the powers that mushrooms hold in helping with anxiety, depression and addiction better than current medical treatments. With these benefits, as well as their ability to lower stress and inflammation, mushrooms will be showing up in everything from powders to teas.

This 2018 buzzword is all about making wellness a journey, adventure and experience. Instead of serving up different forms of wellness is an XYZ pattern, 2018 is going to be about creating the story behind the emotional experience of a travel spa.

3. Epigenetics

This 2018 trend is intended to challenge all of the upcoming parents with understanding epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of how environmental and lifestyle factors can change the gene expression of a conceived child, and the wellness habits both parents should become accustomed to.

4. Fresh Food

The desire to eat healthy and organic food is nothing new to the wellness industry. However, "Wellness Kitchen" will be coming into play in 2018. New designs of technology will properly store and display fresh food and an environment that will encourage socializing while preparing healthy dishes.

The "Clean Air Act" is going to take charge on diminishing the toxins in the air we breathe. Working toward breathing less toxic air will come in the form of office and house plants, purifying air devices, pollution-fighting beauty regimens, salt therapy and many other ways to keep the air clean.

6. Better Brains, Body and Being

Extreme wellness is going to take 2018 by storm as well. The idea of someone being in their absolute best shape both physically, mentally and spiritually is very tempting. This will cause a spike in extreme activity to work toward re-wiring what the brain once believed was impossible.

7. Having Happiness

While often seeming to go hand-in-hand, happiness and wellness will no longer be automatically paired together in 2018. Thus, many people will be looking to find a true sense of happiness by focusing on social connection and technological disconnection.

Women made a huge impact in 2017. Women-only clubs and networking spaces will become popular in 2018 with women working to empower each other. More wellness travel and activities will be geared toward empowering women.


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