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Listen up esties! Here is what’s buzzing in the spa industry.

What You Should Know

Skin icing is the act of rubbing an ice cube directly on the skin. This action can reduce inflammation, redness and puffiness, while also stimulating circulation. Spas have also been using this technique for awhile in body contouring treatments, body freezing treatments and cryotherapy. Skin icing also delivers oxygen-rich blood cells to the face.

Skin Care Benefits

Skin icing offers many benefits to people who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions like acne and rosacea. The cold therapy treats inflammation, reduces puffiness and sculpts the face. The action also stimulates collagen and provides a refreshed, brighter-looking appearance.


1. Ice rolling should be the last step in a skin care routine to help product absorption.

2. Wait a few weeks after wounds or medical treatments to resume skin icing.

3. Perform circular motions over any area that is inflamed or puffy.

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