#10Things To Prepare You for 2022

10Things for 2022

It has been my pleasure to write #10things monthly for you for the last nine years. All good things must come to an end to make room for the new! In preparation for 2022, here are #10things you can do to prepare for 2022.

1. Gratitude. Share your gratitude for the year with your employees, friends and family. Remind everyone what was “working” and where you excelled.

2. Reflect. What are your opportunities for 2022? Spend time dreaming and journaling what the future will look like.

3. Declutter. Remove old sticky notes, update the retail shelves and change your signage. Take everything out of the cabinets, your desk and do a deep clean. Bring in the new year with a new perspective on your space.

4. Review. Numbers tell a story. What does your P&L say about your business? Where did you bring in more revenue or where did you lose? This isn’t about judging yourself. It’s about looking at the data for information.

5. Budget. What are your profit goals? How can you get there with the expenses and pricing you currently have? If this doesn’t come naturally, look for resources that can help.

6. Create. Look at your marketing and promotional calendar for the year. What holidays or events do you want to celebrate? Are there community events you want to participate in or special groups you want to honor? Write it down and create a 2022 calendar that you can use with your vendors to promote your business.

7. Check-in. Are there changes to your services, space, employees etc.? Make time to call your insurance carrier, your vendors, your bookkeeper or any other services that should know about your plans for growth in 2022.

8. Collaborate. Find like-minded businesses and mentors who want to meet regularly and share knowledge and potential clients. Time to build the clientele and network you want for the new year!

9. Commit. Write down and share your plans to keep yourself accountable. Create calendar appointments with yourself or someone who can keep you motivated for the year.

10. Flexibility. One thing we learned through owning a business and especially through COVID is to be flexible. Creating a plan gives you a road map for the future. If other opportunities arise or challenges pop up…you’ll be more prepared and ready to receive change.

Thank you again for your readership. I look forward to collaborating with you and Skin Inc. magazine in 2022 with our new column, “Ask the Esty” with Deedee Crossett. Happy holidays and see you next year!

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