Protection for You and Your clients as we return to work


As we begin to cautiously reopen our spas and salon doors after the forced closures of COVID-19, the to do list for business owners is extensive. New safety measures and protocols need to be implemented, trained, and communicated to both staff and clients. As a Seattle, Washington USA based FDA Medical Device Manufacturer for over 45 years, Bio-Therapeutic has worked to ensure that business owners and professional skin therapists are fully supported through these challenging times.

Developed in response to the new standards for industry professionals, the bt-protect line is a dynamic, ergonomic and thoughtful skin care safety suite that addresses new sanitation and cleanliness standards for close contact workers. Created for skin care, hair, nail and other high touch fields, bt-protect equipment is designed to provide a layer of reassurance for clients and service providers alike. The suite currently consists of three attentively designed tools that provide the ultimate in modern technology protection.

The bt-degree IR touchless infrared thermometer adds a layer of crucial safety to the healthy function of your practice intake process. Capable of both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements, the bt-degree IR takes forehead temperature in approximately one second and eliminates contact with effectiveness from up to two inches away. The blue aiming light, large display, color coded LCD screen and audible alerts make the bt-degree IR easy to use and understand. The nine reading memory and one button measurement makes it simple to use. The bt-degree IR is protected by a silicone carrying case and silicone sleeve, both infused with Silver Ion. The bt-degree IR is also a Class 2 FDA and CE medical device classified for over the counter use.

The bt-smartmask is a reusable, three layer fabric with silver ion infused in its central core to provide multi-layer protection yet breathability for all day wear. This unique mask is an environmentally conscious option for the professional over frequently replaced disposable paper masks. The revolutionary facial contour molded design and athletic style weave is supremely protective yet comfortable for the wearer while also being fully adjustable.

An essential part of your post COVID-19 skin care safety suite, the bt-shield is a lightweight, reusable, sanitizable, protective face guard. Featuring Bio-Therapeutic’s unique silicone touch points infused with silver ion properties where the shield encounters the skin. The bt-shield is made of superior quality anti-fog, anti-scratch clear PET plastic that is additionally distortion free. These unique benefits provide viewing clarity yet supreme safety reassurance for the professional. Prescription glass wearers have also been carefully considered; the strategically extended nose bridge touch points allow for glasses to be worn comfortable together with the

“Created for skin care, hair, nail, and other high touch fields, the bt-protect line integrates the latest hygienic properties of silver ion touch points together with efficiently designed equipment to provide a layer of reassurance” – David Suzuki, President Bio-Therapeutic

Let’s discuss how Bio- Therapeutic can help get you safely back to work. 

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