Soar in Spa


In the spa industry, we come from different backgrounds, work in a variety of establishments, specialize in an unlimited amount of services and hold a number of positions. However, there are two things we have in common—we care about people, and we want to see success. While the former commonality is deeply engrained in each one of us, the latter sometimes needs a little push. Let Skin Inc. be the jumpstart that you need for your career in spa to soar by attending Face & Body Midwest (July 26-27, 2020 in Rosemont, Illinois), where our free daily keynotes are sure to be the right spark for your professional prosperity.

Attend these keynotes at Face & Body Midwest 2020 and see your personal stock rise. We can’t wait to see you there and watch you soar in spa in 2020. For more information or to register, visit


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