Women Gathering: Bonding and Belonging for Mutual Well-being


Look around. There is an exciting transformation underway. It has peaked before many times throughout history, making headlines and waves in our institutions and our personal lives. It changes laws, sociocultural perspectives and family dynamics.

This time around, though, it appears to be rising in a way that boldly surpasses its previous incarnations. This time around, the force of social media provides the energy efficient vehicle to deliver its message farther, wider and deeper than ever before. The implications are that it will remain a constant, sustainable, impactful presence in our lives. The feminist movement has become the feminine rising.

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Lifestyle futurist Shel Pink captured the attention of the spa industry when she founded and launched Sparitual in 2004. With a clear idea of an enlightened consumer in mind, she called them sparitualists, and created a brand to honor the collective mind, body and spirit.

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