ACTION NEEDED NOW: Support Today's Bill to Raise Standard for Esthetics

TODAY, esthetician and Skin Inc. writer Anne Martin will testify in the House of Representatives on behalf of a bill to improve esthetics in the State of Washington. Please take a moment to read and, if you decide to support it, comment favorably on the bill located on the top of the screen on the right, click the green box that says "comment on this bill." The hearing is at 10 AM PST TODAY in Olympia, if you are in the area or have the ability to drive down to support the bill.

From Martin: "The link below allows you to comment on the bill for esthetics, the instigation and writing of which I have been personally involved with. "Please take a minute, comment favorably for this bill that raises standards without undue pressure on schools, offers business opportunities and aims for higher education standards for laser firing, and then send in.

"And if you could send to others for their supportive input, that would be wonderful.

"The time is now, Team. This bill is the culmination of two to three years of very hard work, and it’s being heard TODAY. Please help now! The bill's number is HB 1779."

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