SDSS Urges Tennessee Estheticians to Take Action Against Legislation

The Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists (SDSS) is urging estheticians to contact members of  Tennessee’s House Health & Human Resources Committee to help curb legislation that would require “all cosmetic or aesthetic procedures be performed by a physician or osteopathic physician (referred to collectively as a physician in this summary) or delegated by the physician to a person under the supervision of the physician.”

The committee is voting on this legislation, HB2558, at noon (12 PM) on Wednesday, April 4, 2012, at the Health & Humans Resources Committee meeting that takes place at the Tennessee Legislative Plaza at Union and 6th Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee.

Contact information for the various committee members can be found here.

This legislation would include regulation on whether estheticians in the state of Tennessee will be able to continue to use laser and light therapy devices, or whether these "aesthetic procedures" can only be performed by a physician or under direct supervision. This would likely mean many estheticians in Tennessee currently safely offering these services would no longer able to do so. Under current Tennessee legislation, these procedures are elective and are safely provided by certified licensed estheticians adhering to rules and protocols for consumer safety that have been in place since 2002.

Tennessee estheticians, contact your legislative representative today to help deter this legislation, which could not only affect those currently offering these services, but also could potentially limit your skin care facility's future business prospects and opportunities.

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