North Dakota Creates Master Cosmetologist License


North Dakota, which signed into law SB 2097 on April 20, 2015, has some noteworthy additions to its cosmetology law that are currently now effective. The law contains changes to the cosmetology licensing law, including refining the scope of practice and creating a new Master Cosmetologist license.

Under the law, "Master Cosmetologist" means any person who has met the requirements of section 43-11-26 and has applied for and received a managing cosmetologist license. A master cosmetologist can may obtain a master cosmetologist's license upon meeting all the following requirements:

1. Furnishing to the board evidence of having practiced as a cosmetologist for at least 1,000 hours.

2. Paying an original licensure fee as set forth in section 43-11-28.

3. Complying with the other requirements of this chapter applicable to a master cosmetologist.

Also a salon may be owned by any person authorized to do business in the state. A cosmetology salon must be operated and supervised by a master cosmetologist. A salon providing only skin care must be operated and supervised by a master cosmetologist or master esthetician.

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