Will Cruelty-free Skin Care Become the New Norm?


Global spas featuring only cruelty-free skin care and cosmetics products could soon become the new norm.

Turkey is now the latest country to join the group of regions that have banned animal testing for cosmetics which includes the European Union, Norway, Israel, India, the state of São Paulo in Brazil and New Zealand.

According to the Daily Sabah, Turkey has added a new article to its new cosmetics industry regulation and has banned any animal testing for cosmetic products that have already been introduced to the market. According to the new regulation, companies have to list the ingredients of their products in detail and inform their customers with Turkish tags even if they keep their original logo and tag on the product.

Meanwhile, a draft law is reportedly in the works to ban animal testing in Russia for cosmetics, perfumes and their ingredients. 

According to Izvestia Daily, Sergey Doronin, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for Agrarian Affairs said, as translated: "we want to keep pace with the times and not be on the list of third world countries involved in the testing of cosmetics [through] archaic methods; it is necessary to meet the requirements of world standards."

Acting in accordance with modern European standards would allow Russian perfumes and cosmetics to enter European markets, Doronin added. On a similar note, the U.S. has joined the global push to eliminate animal testing for cosmetics by introducing a House bill on the matter.

Over 500 beauty brands, according to the Animal Welfare Institute, are already using alternatives to animal testing. A 2015 Neilsen survey indicated 57% of consumers surveyed place high importance on beauty products labeled "Not tested on animals." 

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