Ask The Esty... After School Transition

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“How should estheticians in school be setting themselves up for success with the differences that come from school and the actual field?”

We call our students ‘future professionals’ because we want to encourage and promote their future in the professional industry. Show up every day looking like you should be giving health, wellness and skin care advice. Come with hair pulled back, in dress code and no long finger nails. Be on time. Keep your kit in sanitized and working order, and have it with you so you are able to give a service at any time. Practice on as many people (all races, ages and genders) as you can while in school. Treat every client and practice facial/wax in school as if it was an interview for your dream job. In my 20 plus years of experience in education, the skin therapists that honor their craft and use every opportunity to learn are usually the most successful out in the field. Avoid using the phrase, “I’m just a student.” You are a future professional, and you’ll be licensed soon. Move towards your focus, and you’ll get there!

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