Why Education is Key To the COVID Battle


If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can no longer take germs for granted in professional beauty workplaces and treatment areas. This is especially relevant for estheticians who do not have the luxury of “client distancing,” nor the ability to deliver their hands-on services while standing behind the security of a plexiglass barrier.

Staying safe and preventing the spread of infection will require increased awareness, education and implementation of disinfection protocols as part of the new normal in spas across America. The pandemic has for many people meant a crash course on the subject of germs, their transmission and how to deal with an outbreak. Returning beauty clients will be more informed and scrutinizing of infection prevention practices, so it’s best you get ahead of the questions and promote the measures you’re taking to keep everyone safe. Having your facility just look clean may not be enough to provide the comfort and confidence your clients are looking for.

Education Starts with Awareness

Before you open your doors every day for business, be sure you’re well apprised of your state’s guidelines when it comes to any service limitations, screening policies, personal protection equipment (PPE) requirements and disinfection practices.

Your cosmetology board, licensing body or learning institution may also provide additional information and guidance to ensure you’re in compliance and achieving a universal level of standard care within your spa. As more is known about the coronavirus and a vaccine becomes widely available, be sure to consult your official sources frequently to stay up to date and be ready to react to any changes. See Skin Inc.’s regulation page for valuable information to this end as well.

Ensure Everyone is on the Same Page

Preventing the spread of infection is a team effort that must include everyone in your spa from guest service staff to estheticians.Given the ease with which pathogens can spread if left unchecked, all members of your facility must stay vigilant and adhere to practices that have each other’s back. This means not only looking after individual treatment areas but also high-touch contact points found in receptions, washrooms, staff rooms, etc. Not all areas pose the same level of risk, so there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution.

There are online protocol builder tools available that help you create the ideal protocols to address each service and treatment area .It’s one more key tool in your arsenal to make certain you have consistent protocols in place, which will effectively protect yourself and clients.

Brush Up on Your General Knowledge

There are many ways to enhance your infection prevention knowledge—just reading this article is a good first step. Another great opportunity is online education where beauty professionals can take courses covering germ basics, disinfection best practices and how to keep outbreaks from occurring within a facility. A personalized certificate of completion can be put on display for clients to see your spa’s commitment to their safety. The certificate can also be posted online through digital communication and social channels to reassure visitors you’ve taken additional training to provide a safe germ-free environment.

You: Infection Preventionist

The pandemic has forced us all to add “infection preventionist” to our job titles, but it’s a necessary role in the face of the pandemic’s threat to our own personal health and ability to enjoy business continuity. By taking proactive measures to become more germ-aware, implementing facility wide protocols and becoming infection prevention certified, estheticians can take the high ground against this pandemic and feel confident in their services. The knowledge, skills and training gained will position spas to not only overcome coronavirus but be ready for future outbreaks in the new norm. When it comes to battling coronavirus, education is the most powerful weapon.


Nicole Kenny is the vice president of professional and technical services at Virox Technologies Inc with over 20 years of experience as a technical consultant, educator, trainer and author focusing on chemical disinfection for infection prevention.

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