How to Grow your Business During a Global Pandemic


The professional skin care industry is so unique. Our passion and craft is firmly rooted in personal connections and touch. So, it’s no surprise that when the COVID-19 pandemic caused a worldwide shutdown of so many industries instantly, including professional services, thousands of small business owners went from full appointment books to empty treatment rooms, loss of income and total silence. With an entire business model focused on in-person experiences and touch, how does an industry, made up of thousands of self-employed professionals and independently owned spas and skin centers, survive? We evolve, we adapt and we reinvent.

Personal Touch

Many states have reopened; however, some have remained closed, including California, where my practice is based. Although I cannot physically touch my clients, I can still stay in touch with them. Providing support and guidance by maintaining connection when apart makes it easier to pick up where we left off when spas reopen. There are several means of communication available at our disposal: phone, text, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram or even a handwritten note!

Make videos of your skin care routine at home. This is a great way to let clients connect with you and have a source of guidance, direction and accurate content. Use e-mails as a way of updating clients on projected reopening dates, safety protocols you are following or adjustments you are making to the treatment menus. As the expression goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Remind your clients you are thinking of them and are available to help them achieve their skin care goals, both online and offline.

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A licensed clinical esthetician since 2001, Colette Brown is the director of education at Columbia Skincare, where she leads the professional products division. Based in Beverly Hills, CA, Colette has a B.A. in education, is a certified holistic practitioner through the Kresser Institute, is a licensed phlebotomist and has certifications in advanced skin care procedures.

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