Circadia University Reveals Skin Specialist Program for Skin Therapy Education

Circadia University's Skin Specialist Program
The flagship course of Circadia University's Skin Specialist Program is the Chemical Peel Skin Specialist.
Photo courtesy of Circadia

Circadia University has announced the launch of its Skin Specialist Program designed to offer opportunities for professional development and advanced learning in skin care. The program provides skin therapists with the expertise and proficiency necessary to excel in their careers utilizing Circadia's portfolio of products.

The flagship course of the Skin Specialist Program is the Chemical Peel Skin Specialist, meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of chemical exfoliation. Led by renowned skin care expert Michael Q. Pugliese, this course comprises seven video modules that explore the intricacies of chemical peels, offering invaluable insights and practical guidance to obtain results and maintain safety. 

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With a focus on in-depth education and practical application, participants will gain invaluable insights into advanced techniques, product knowledge and industry best practices.

Upon successful completion of the Chemical Peel Skin Specialist course, participants will receive certification, validating their expertise in chemical exfoliation techniques. The program's interactive format, which includes quizzes and assessments, ensures mastery of the material, equipping graduates with the confidence and proficiency to excel in their careers.

The Chemical Peel Skin Specialist course is now available in the United States on Circadia University's online platform

"We are thrilled to launch the Chemical Peel Skin Specialist course as part of our Skin Specialist Program," said Michael Q. Pugliese, CEO at Circadia. "This program represents our commitment to providing top-tier education and training to skin care professionals worldwide, empowering them to achieve more."

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