PBA and NCA Agree to Proposed Merger

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and the National Cosmetology Association (NCA) have anounced that the two organizations have signed an agreement to effect a proposed merger. The merger will combine the best practices and leverage the complementary strengths, assets and member benefits of each group to improve all sectors of the professional beauty industry. The agreement is effective immediately. Long-range, the proposed merger will have NCA join the PBA's three existing company-based membership sections in its headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ, as a fourth "NCA" membership section, based on NCA's existing individual membership criteria.

To benefit their combined memberships in a greater capacity, PBA and NCA will work as partners to conduct more comprehensive research into the industry's best practices and results, as well as combine government relations and lobbying efforts for the benefit of the entire industry. In addition, members of each group will share in the benefits the other enjoys, as appropriate, including free admission to major industry events.

"In today's business environment, strategic alliances are a common best practice that enables groups to combine efforts and leverage the strengths of each to maximize results. The NCA and PBA forming this strategic alliance was a natural evolution and obvious opportunity for both of us, as well as for the industry at large, because we share the goal or working tirelessly toward the success of our members who reresent all facets of the industry. That is especially true in the face of rising costs and shrinking sponsorship dollars," says Steve Sleeper, executive director of the PBA.

"Represening all licensed professionals, future professionals and salon owners, the NCA has by far the largest and most diverse membership of an industry association, while the PBA has phenomenal show and event properties and success from Cosmoprof North America to the North American Hairstyling Awards," says Gordon Miller, executive director of the NCA. "What's most important is that we both have longstanding shared values of doing good work on behalf of the industry and all who support the highest aspirations of salon owners, professionals and future professionals. We are delighted to join forces with such a prestigious partner."

The Professional Beauty Association is made up of salons and spas, distributors and manufacturers dedicated to improving their individual businesses and the industry as a whole. Visit www.probeauty.org or call 800-468-2274 to learn more.

The National Cosmetology Association's mission, since its inception in 1921, has been and continues to be to ensure that working salon professionals have the tools and resources available to create career success with integrity. Visit www.ncacares.org or call 312-527-6765.

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